MARIA JACOBI, an atelier working on the verge of apparel, accessories and states of the art.


The character and conceptual foundation behind this name are based on the persona of the late Maria Jacobi. As a single woman living in post-war Germany, her cultivated and graceful self became an embracing figure for generations to follow. Maria’s human values and vital passion are set at the forefront of every crafted object and product.


The MARIA JACOBI atelier pairs a painters vision with the sensual nature of clothing. Combining a production with artisanal manufacturing, a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic is established. The design process shapes an ever-changing product portfolio, allowing the work to reflect the artistic vision and present an ongoing narrative. MARIA JACOBI’s products combine the atelier’s unique values and beliefs with a humane and accessible aspect. Moving away from vast seasonal collections, a range of industrially-produced yet individually-transformed objects is created. With an intimate focus on the customer, these high-quality items are all unique and composed in limited-editions — Exclusively sold in the MJ-STORE.


The dynamic portfolio provides an ever-evolving selection of all unisex objects. Consistent additions to the MJ-STORE allow for the customer to be stimulated by a refreshing experience. The limited range and size of the product editions allow the MARIA JACOBI atelier to have absolute control of all hand-operated alterations and provide the highest level of quality throughout all crafted products.